Brand Strategy. UX Design. Research.


My work with the BBC UX and Design team started with the research on ways to improve the perception of BBC master brand digital offer and to find opportunities to enhance the online brand experience.
The work looked at the aftermath of the Olympic games 2012 and gave me a chance to review and rethink an already articulated and complex branding system catering to a large and diverse audience.

My responsibilities included rethinking the current branding structure, competitor analysis, as well as core, functional and expressive value analysis, and finishing with the visual research. The second part of my work involved the design and implementation of the BBC One Service vision.
Our objective was to create a responsive, cohesive system supporting web, phone, tablets and TV. Having been involved with the project form the start, I was involved in identifying and developing the typographic system, including grid and layouts, as well as prototyping and user testing.

Also, I was involved in the early stage of iPlayer rebranding where I led a design workshop to catalyse lateral ideas and define possible directions.